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To The Grave Available Now!

G. S. Hollaway, born in 1996, is a debut author of fantasy and young adult books. After planning for five years and writing for three, through four titles and three scrapped drafts and thanks to one beta-reader, her debut novel; TO THE GRAVE was finally finished.

Part one in a trilogy, TO THE GRAVE is a young and new adult fantasy/mystery "whodunit" about Lady Evangeline, heir to the Ravenhill family name, who becomes entangled with the occult as she tries to solve her mother's murder.
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Other than writing, she enjoys spending time with her pets, making a dent in her reading list, binging on television boxsets or playing the same video games over and over again.

If she could give advice on her younger self while writing her first book she would push herself to just get it out of her system and get the first draft written. The story is inside, you just need to let it flow.

She hopes to write more books in the future, as she has many stories within her that should be shared with the world.
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