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Character Glossary


21, impatient, spoilt & wilful

Heir to the Ravenhill family name. Daughter to Horus and Emilia and Felicity's older sister.


20, withdrawn, clever & independent

Ravenhill family "spare". Younger sister to Evangeline and daughter to Horus and Emilia.


39, sickly, irritable & scornful

Ailing Lord Ravenhill. Father to Evangeline and Felicity. Husband to Emilia and Zorya. Stepfather to Morana and Vesna.


36, mentally ill, disturbed & unstable

Deceased mother to Evangeline and Felicity. First wife to Horus and former Lady Ravenhill.


35, mysterious, aloof & austere

Second wife to Horus and current Lady Ravenhill. Emilia's former handmaiden and mother to Morana and Vesna. Stepmother to Evangeline and Felicity. [ZOR-REE-AH]


13, cruel, wicked & spiteful

The meaner twin sister of Vesna and stepsister to Evangeline and Felicity. Daughter of Zorya and stepdaughter of Horus. 


13, callous, unpleasant & fickle

The kinder twin sister of Morana. Daughter of Zorya, stepdaughter to Horus and stepsister to Evangeline and Felicity.


18, charismatic, sarcastic & kind

Blacksmith apprentice and platonic best friend to Evangeline. 

Sir Thedamaine

26, loyal, stoic & perceptive

Faithful Ravenhill knight and Evangeline's personal guard commissioned to watch over her and protect her. [THEE-DA-MAIN]

The Beast

Terrifying, bloodthirsty & relentless 

Attacking and feasting every full moon, with the furry body of an animal, the bare skull of a wolf and the curled horns of a ram. Long monstrous claws, sharp ravenous teeth and a thirst for flesh.


29, sympathetic, kindly & gentle

Helpful shaman that Evangeline and Taren meet.


45, cruel, mean & harsh

Sycophantic Chamberlain and head of the Ravenhill household. [CAD-MAY-ELL]

Penlyn Forrester

16, gallant, courteous & bashful

Betrothed to Evangeline and son to the Duke and Duchess Forrester.

Duke Robert Forrester

48, sordid, overbearing & corrupt

Sleazy father to Penlyn, husband to the Duchess and Evangeline's future father-in-law.

Duchess Celeste Forrester

31, distant, reserved & overprotective

Penlyn's mother and the Duke's wife. 


19, plucky, brash & bold

Evangeline's handmaiden.


14, timid, dutiful & shy

Felicity's handmaiden.

Sir James

39, stoic, level-headed & collected

Ravenhill knight.

Sir Morgan

21, fresh-faced, innocent & gallant

Ravenhill knight and Felicity's personal guard.

Sir Beckett

30, dutiful, loyal & respectful

Ravenhill knight.

Sir Avery

41, brave, dauntless & valiant

Ravenhill knight in charge of patrols against the beast.

Sir Morris

25, dutiful, loyal & respectful

Ravenhill knight.

Sir Constantine

39, brave, stern & true

Ravenhill knight and Horus' personal guard.


14, bold, playful & loyal

Sir Thedamaine's squire.


27, rude, intimidating & aggressive

Commoner in the Ravenhill village and local ruffian.

Lady Caroline Ashton

17, dutiful, kind & responsible

Childhood friend of Evangeline and Felicity. Daughter of Anne and Henry. 

Lord Henry Ashton

38, respectful, humble & gracious

Liege Lord of Birchcliffe village across the lake from Ravenhill. Husband of Anne and father of Caroline.

Lady Anne Ashton

36, polite, refined & disciplined

Wife to Henry and mother to Caroline. 

Lysander McAllister

57, passionate, caring & gentle

Senior Bird Handler for the Aviary in Ravenhill Manor. 


29, ostentatious, flattering & deferential

Former Bottler for Ravenhill Manor, now a travelling salesman and tavern local. Old friends with Evangeline and close family friend. 


32, swindler, self-assertive & melodramatic

A hustling shaman hoping to drum up business from Evangeline and Taren.

Arthur Skinner

37, talkative, compassionate & sanguine

A furrier, skinner and travelling salesman.

Nerissa Bellamy

25, observant, perceptive & confident

Landlady and tavern owner. 


17, unsociable, withdrawn & aloof

Barkeep, man of few words.

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