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To The Grave: Part One

On the eve of her father’s wedding, Lady Evangeline, heir to the Ravenhill family name, comes across a secret book that changes everything. Catapulted into the world of the occult, she must unravel the many threads of mystery behind her unstable mother’s suspicious death.

The village of Ravenhill, plagued by a vicious beast, is the breeding ground for blood magic and curses. Gripped by magic and mystery, dangers lurk around every corner as she circumnavigates the truth. Struggling to determine truth from lie, she must deal with love and loss, grief and acceptance, and right and wrong.

Everyone is a suspect and a deep delve into the occult is the only hope for answers, but with each question answered, it raises two more in its place. With conspiracies and curses at every turn, she may not like what she unearths.

- Listen to the first chapter here -

K.C. Finn for Reader's Favorite


"Author G. S. Hollaway opens what promises to be an exciting new world with the bloody village of Ravenhill and there were plenty of atmospheric descriptors and cinematic techniques to bring the setting and its chilling past to life. The dialogue was also authentically penned and smoothly woven in, serving to display the unique traits of the characters whilst moving the plot forward in a natural way, which is ideal for the young adult reading audience to stay hooked. In terms of its plot construction, the storyline has great elements of mystery and clue placement that slowly bring together a tapestry of intrigue amongst the brilliant emotional revelations at play. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend To The Grave: Part One for any YA enthusiast seeking a fascinating fantasy read."

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