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Evangeline Ravenhill


1. Biography

1.1 Early Life

1.2 Part One

1.3 Part Two

2. Personality and Traits

3. Powers and Abilities

4. Physical Description

5. Personal Affects

5.1 Equipment

5.2 Weapons

6. Relationships

6.1 Felicity Ravenhill

6.2 Taren Smith

6.3 Sir Thedamaine

6.4 Zorya 

6.5 Emilia Ravenhill née Rosewood

6.6 Horus Ravenhill

6.7 Morana 

6.8 Vesna 

6.9 Sienna Malgova

6.10 Penlyn Forrester

6.11 Nerissa Bellamy

6.12 Kazimir Voronov

6.13 Osiris Faulkner

7. Family

7.1 Family Members

8. Etymology

9. Trivia

10. Gallery

Biographical Information

Full name







Hair Colour

Eye Colour







Blood Class




Book Appearances

Evangeline Ravenhill




21 (Part One)

22 (Part Two)

23 (Part Three)





Light blonde

Copper (temporarily)









Heir of Ravenhill

Lady Regent of Ravenhill

Lady Ravenhill



Shaman (Repressed)

Communication with the Dead (Reaper)



Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Physical Information




“She needed to be entertained and she was not afraid to admit it. She knew what she wanted and would not waste her time on what she did not like.”

– Evangeline’s description, Part One

Early Life

Evangeline grew up with her sister, Felicity, and her parents, Emilia and Horus. Lord Horus ran the household and his village, occasionally seeking advice from his wife. Emilia’s unstable mental state was a large part of Evangeline’s childhood and kept them at arm’s length as did her father’s duties keeping him from her. Due to her being educated and groomed from a young age to take over her father’s place she grew up rather separated from her parents and sister. This forced Evangeline to become independent and self-reliant, as well as undisciplined and irritable. 
The family tried to keep Emilia’s mental state a secret, not knowing that is was the worst kept secret in the kingdom. Evangeline treasures the few memories she has of the small moments where her mother was stable and kind. 
Evangeline spent her childhood finding little moments of happiness to keep her sane, often escaping her lessons and running into town. When she was not being educated, she was either with the villagers or with her sister Felicity hanging out with Lady Caroline Ashton, daughter of Lord Ashton of Birchcliffe village across the lake.  

Emilia's Death

The official cause of Emilia’s death was childbirth, however Evangeline had always been suspicious of the death. It had been covered up sloppily and all details had been omitted by everyone involved. Evangeline and Felicity had not been allowed to see the body and the funeral was not open to the public. 

Part One

Evangeline is grieving the loss of her mother and vows to solve the mystery surrounding her death. When her father remarries and leaves for his honeymoon, she takes up his mantle and becomes the Lady Regent, ruling over her people. She plans to do more than her father ever did and not only stop the beast but also help her people.

Part Two

After fleeing Ravenhill, Evangeline settles in Greystone, living in the Lost Lady tavern with Nerissa Bellamy and the bartender Jack. She gets pressganged onto a slave ship headed for the mainland but escapes with the help of bounty hunter Kazimir Voronov, who drags her across country as his prisoner to collect the bounty placed on her.

Struggling with PTSD, her declining mental state, and her emerging shaman abilities, her violence and agression reach an all time high. Refusing to return home, afraid to face Felicity and Sir Thedamaine, and not happy anywhere else, she is at constant war with herself unable to decide what it is she wants or what she should do.

Personality and Traits

“I’ll punish anyone who mistreats me. In a way that I see fit. Self-defence is my right.” 

– Evangeline, Part One

21, impatient, spoilt & wilful. Heir to the Ravenhill family name. Daughter to Horus and Emilia and Felicity's older sister.

Evangeline is hot-tempered, strong-willed and spoilt. She will refuse to do anything she does not want to do and will not stay bored for long. However, she has been groomed her whole life to take over in her father’s place and is willing to do her duty when she needs to, treading the line carefully. She was more than willing to go through with her arranged marriage knowing it was purely for political ties, because she knew she could control her future husband and not because it would help her family’s social standing.

Though Evangeline can be rather blunt, irritable, violent, sarcastic and cold, she has a vulnerable side which she only shows around the people she is comfortable around, especially Sir Thedamaine. She really needs someone who can protect her and allow her to let go and drop the violent wall around herself. Growing up knowing she will be the leader of her village, head of the family and sole protector of her sister one day has forced Evangeline to live her life tensed and ready for a fight, never able to allow herself be vulnerable. 

Evangeline has a drinking problem, preferring ale to other alcoholic drinks. The time she spends with Taren in the village is almost always in a pub or tavern, drinking the night away. She can out-drink Sir Thedamaine and Taren and admires Nerissa for being the only one who can give her a run for her money.

Evangeline is sensitive to sound and is easily irritated by the smallest of sounds. She cannot stand listening to people eat and will choose to eat alone if she can, however alcohol can make the situation easier to tolerate. She will find tapping, tutting or clicking highly irritating and will call out the person doing so. 

Evangeline is very strong, stubborn, and determined. Often, she will react first and ask questions later. She will do anything to survive. She has trained with both Taren and Thedamaine, sharpening her skills in hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, self-defence and strategy, Her natural instinct to protect herself physically has saved her life several times but has warped her views on morality and blurred the line between self-defence and murder.

“Honestly, it’s like handling volatile Greek Fire! Why do you always have to be so dramatic!?”

– Felicity to Evangeline, Part One.

Despite being self-centred and self-reliant, she does have some good qualities. She wishes to protect those she loves, trying to convince Felicity to do some combat training and providing her with her own suit of armour and weapons. Even though she despises Morana and Vesna, she also provides them with weapons to better protect themselves from the Beast. 

She does wish to do some real good in her community and for her people. She hides with Taren in his forge to live life like her people do, despite being attacked herself. She tries to see the world through her people’s eyes, seeing and feeling the struggles that they must deal with. She tries to convince her father to do more to help them, with little success. When she becomes Lady Regent in his absence, she increases the safety measures, guard patrols and contingency plans for the coming attacks. She also designs a fix to an annual issue with the poorer community homes, providing temporary housing in the mean-time. Lastly, she rewards a long serving household staff member with significant funds to retire.

She is also rather intelligent and able to read people and understand their motives. She can always tell who she can joke around with, terrorise or remain formal with. For example, she liked to make Penlyn Forrester uneasy by pretending to be offended, making him sweat and scramble for the right words. Alternatively, she knew immediately that Duke Forrester needed a formal, yet firm presence to keep him at arm’s length. She also knew that violence would not be affective against him, refusing to let herself get riled up or allowing Sir Thedamaine to draw his weapon. 

In Part Two, it is shown that she is lost, both physically but especially mentally. She is in constant war with herself, unable to decide what she wants or what she feels. Her mental state begins to deteriorate and she barely sleeps, eats or drinks. Afraid she is becoming as unstable as her mother, her nerves begin to shatter and she starts to hear voices, see hallucinations and loses the ability to control herself in high emotional settings.

Evangeline suffers from PTSD from her attacks and assault in Part One. This includes frequent nightmares and night terrors of those she killed and tried to kill her, avoidance of others/isolation, irritability, and favouring the sound of the sea or the night sky over human contact. Despite the sound of the sea soothing her, she becomes aware that the sound and feeling of water in her ears when her head is under water triggers her PTSD due to her close encounter with drowning at the hands of Nicholas. She also becomes sensitive and defensive when people reach or touch her neck, recoiling away from them because she was strangled.

Powers and Abilities

Evangeline has trained her entire life to take over in her father’s place to become Lady of the Manor and run her household and her village. She has trained with Sir Thedamaine and Taren, learning hand-to-hand combat, self-defence, sword fighting and strategy. 

She is proficient with blades and is quick on her feet. She is good at using her environment against her opponent which often catches them off guard and saves her life.
She has great intuition, able to predict what her opponent will do before they do it and then counter it. 

In Part Two, it is realised that Evangeline is a shaman and, along with her sister, repressed her abilities. When she entered the spirit world it awakened her blood and unleashed her power. 
She begins to hear voices, first in her sleep then when she clears her mind and focuses on it. At first the voices make her believe she is losing her mind just like her mother but eventually she comes to the realisation that, yes she is like her mother, and is in fact a shaman.

“Like an itch that needed to be scratched or a word that you just cannot remember. Her head was loud. That’s all she knew.”

– Evangeline’s shaman powers starting to come through, Part Two

Throughout her self-discovery, Evangeline begins to understand her abilities and uses them to enhance her instincts in difficult situations. The more she listens to the voices, the better she feels, as if turning down the volume inside her head. 

Physical Description

“She stood tall like her mother, taller than most girls her age, and other men too, with his dear Emilia’s stunning flaxen blonde hair. She was a spitting image of her mother.”

– Horus’ description of his daughter’s physical appearance.

Evangeline is taller than most people around her. Taren is barely a hair taller, Thedamaine is a full head taller and Kazimir is slightly taller than Thedamaine. 

She has long blonde hair, making her look just like her mother at the same age. She typically styles her hair in a loose, simple braid to keep it out of the way. She has arched eyebrows and strong cheekbones. She constantly looks annoyed and usually is. 

As of the beginning of book two, she has a long scar on her forearm, from elbow to wrist, given to her by the beast. She also has two scars on her palm, one from stopping a sword and the other from the ritual. Lastly, she also has a scar on her eyebrow, splitting it in two, something she now shares with Thedamaine.

Personal Affects


"The book was incredibly old; the cover long since disintegrated, the pages were falling out and most were completely loose."

– Description of her mother’s Nil’vetra book, Part One.

Evangeline does not have much equipment, aside from her weapons. 

Her mother’s box

Evangeline possesses a box of her mother’s things which included:

  • Jewellery box with a handful of rings and pendants and an onyx raven brooch

  • Candelabra with raven decoration

  • Silver circlet

  • Writing kit with soiled, unreadable letters, and two wax seals: golden Ravenhill and silver Rosewood

  • Dagger

  • The Nil’vetra book


Chess Set
The pewter and obsidian chess set, set up to be Rosewood vs. Ravenhill. The pawns were roses and ravens, the rooks were both miniature versions of Ravenhill Manor and the bishops were designed to resemble Evangeline and Felicity. The pieces were made of pewter and the pedestals obsidian: snowflake obsidian for Rosewood and regular for Ravenhill. The chess set was a wedding gift to Evangeline from Sir Thedamaine.


Suit of Armour
Taren specifically made suits of plate armour for both Evangeline and Felicity.


“Long and sharp, swift and balanced; just as she was. Riddled with imperfections just like her, she had forged the sword with her own two hands; forged in heart and soul.”

– Evangeline’s sword forged in Taren’s workshop.

Evangeline had two weapons that she loved, and as the story goes on she goes without them less and less.

Evangeline’s sword was forged with Taren’s help at the beginning of the story and helped defend her until the end of book one.

Evangeline used her mother’s dagger as her own throughout the story, leaving it behind as she left for Ravenhill. 

She obtains new blades during her stay in Greystone, smaller knife blade in order to be hidden on her person for defensive purposes.


Felicity Ravenhill

"Relationship Quote" - Book

Talk about Evangeline's relationship with this person.



Evangeline grew up with her mother, father and sister, with her uncle Kairo visiting frequently. Her paternal grandparents were dead before she was born and her mother was estranged from her parents, meaning Evangeline had no contact with any of her grandparents. 

Family Members

Partner: Sir Thedamaine

Father: Horus Ravenhill (deceased)

Mother: Emilia Ravenhill née Rosewood (deceased)

Younger sister: Felicity Ravenhill

Uncle: Kairo Ravenhill II (deceased)

Younger brother: Kairo Ravenhill III (deceased)

Stepmother and half aunt: Zorya Ravenhill née Voronova

Stepsister and half cousin: Messana Ravenhill née Voronova (deceased)

Stepsister and half cousin: Vesna Ravenhill née Voronova (deceased)

Half uncle: Kazimir Voronova

First cousin once removed: Sienna Malgova

Maternal grandmother: Elysia Rosewood

Maternal step grandfather: Orion Rosewood

Biological maternal grandfather: Grigori Voronov

Paternal grandmother: Maria Ravenhill née Griffin (deceased)

Paternal grandfather: Kairo Ravenhill I (deceased)

Half brother: Osiris Faulkner


Evangeline is a name of Latin origin from "evangelium" or "gospel", and from Greek, meaning "good news".


  • Original draft had Evangeline and Taren a couple from the start, but that storyline was scrapped early on once Evangeline’s true soulmate emerged.

  • Evangeline is left-handed.

  • She is incredibly tall.


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